Efficient Mining

Which Tools To Use?

The best starter tool to use would be the Realmite Pickaxe because of its high durability and the fact that it is better than diamond. This means the player can almost mine all ores in the overworld without a problem. If the player manages to get enough Corrupted Shards to make at least 3 Corrupted Stones, it would be best to make a Corrupted Pickaxe, which has 6000 durability and is therefore faster than a Realmite Pickaxe. It is recommended to enchant the pickaxe one uses with experience levels around 18-30. The player can easily get efficiency 3 and unbreaking 3 or higher this way. Also, after collecting 9 Rupee Ore, players can craft the Rupee Shickaxe which can make mining faster when dealing with Dirt and Gravel.

Where To Mine?

First off, mine a stairway down towards y=15 and lower. It is best to mine around y=8 since all overworld ores generate at that level. Mining in a 3x3 area is the most efficient way to strip mine for ores. There is usually 2 Rupee Ore and 2 Arlemite Ore per chunk. Enthralled Dramcryx and Cave Crawlers can spawn in any light level below y=15 and y=30, respectively. They can be good for farming for another Corrupted Pickaxe or for Realmite Ingots. If the player keeps mining in chunks or 3x3, they'll reach better armor soon.

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