Vethea is the 8th new dimension added in DivineRPG. Vethea takes place in the player's nightmares. Because of this, upon entering Vethea, the player's inventory is emptied and replaced with his/her Vethea inventory. The player's normal inventory will be restored upon leaving Vethea, making it impossible to bring blocks and items out of Vethea through normal gameplay.

Vethea is not accessed using a portal, but instead via a Nightmare Bed, which requires Mortum Blocks to craft. As such, Vethea cannot be entered unless the player has conquered Mortum first. It is worth noting that the Nightmare Bed, like ordinary Beds, can only be used at night.

Vethea introduces several new mobs, most of which have unique fighting styles that make Vethea challenging. Vethea also introduces many unique weapons, armors, blocks, and items not found anywhere else in DivineRPG.

Vethea is divided into four layers. The first layer is where the player starts out, and is where relatively weak mobs that drop Dirty Pearls reside. The second layer has different mobs that drop Clean Pearls. The third layer has tougher mobs that drop Polished Pearls, and the fourth layer (which is open to the sky) has very dangerous mobs that drop Shiny Pearls. These Pearls are traded with an NPC, The Hunger, who in turn provides the player with weapon/armor templates, food, and other useful resources. The only way to move up through layers is to build a staircase out of blocks and punch through the Dream Stone ceiling.




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