Ultimate Survival Guide

This is a ultimate survival guide for DivineRPG. The creator of this is Lulyhead, and revised by RadioactiveStud

This page has been copied from the unofficial wikia page, with permission from the creator of the guide.
This guide is for the latest stable release of DivineRPG for Minecraft 1.7.10.

Note: All crafting recipes can be found by clicking the links of the item you want to craft


Overworld (Part I)

Before starting, make sure that you have DivineRPG. If you will follow this guide, you will not require Not Enough Items or CraftGuide, as all the items needed will be pointed out. However, one of those mods is recommended due to the massive amount of recipes in Divine RPG. Following this guide, we are assuming you have a decent understanding of vanilla Minecraft.

Once you start a new world, the first thing you want to do is get wood and make a shelter. WARNING: Do not make a house near a snow, desert, or jungle biome, becasue you will get slautered by the mobs. You have ten minutes to do so. While getting wood, make sure you kill three sheep on the way to make a bed. Once you have obtained stone tools and have gathered a lot of wood, then you can start mining.


After you have obtained a few stacks of wood, then you can start mining. Begin by making a wood pickaxe, then a stone one, then iron, and then make a Realmite Pickaxe. You do not need to make a diamond pickaxe ever, because a Realmite one is better and easier to obtain. While on your trip of you first time mining, get at least 39 Realmite Ingots, 13 Diamonds, 3 Rupee Ingots, 3 Arlemite Ingots and 14 Obsidian. It is not recommended to explore caves as there are many dangerous, hostile mobs roaming in the caves. "Strip-mining" is a common method. If you don't know what that is, there are plenty of great YouTube videos. Another method that I (Swgeek) recommend is mining out whole chucks from level 16 to bedrock, as there will always be at least 2 Arlemite and Rupee. Another but slightly more dangerous way is to mine with TNT, as DivineRPG Overworld ores have a very high blast resistance. Once you come back to your home, it's time to craft.

Armor + Tools

Once you get back to your home, you need to start crafting. Right off the bat, craft Realmite Armor. After that, craft a Realmite Axe and Shovel. Now it's time to make a Palavence. A Palavence is a tool that has 120 uses and heals half a heart every time it is used (left click). Once you made all of this, it is time for the next step; making a sword. WARNING: Do not use any Rupee or Arlemite!

Making a Sword

First, make an Iron Sword. Next you must find a swamp biome to find Slimes. You will need six Slimeballs before you leave to make a better sword. After you get six Slimeballs, you can make a Slime Sword. For it, you will need six diamonds, three sticks and six Slimeballs. Make three diamond swords but don't use them, or the recipe won't work. For the crafting recipe, look at the photo on the right.

How to craft a Slime Sword.It does 11 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHalf Heart.png) damage (4 (Heart.pngHeart.png) more than diamond). Now you should make an Enchanting Table, as this will greatly help to fight the mobs you were told to avoid in the future, but not yet. After that, craft some bookshelves (or find a village and destroy the bookshelves) and then you are ready to enchant your new sword! Important: Now that you have a sword, kill any Enderman you see to collect Ender Pearls.

Nether Preparation

The Nether is now really dangerous and deadly and you will need skill and the best armor and weapons you can currently craft. Before entering, make sure you have fully enchanted Realmite Armor, Slime Sword and an enchanted Bow. After you have all this, you are ready to challenge the Nether!

The Nether (Part I)

The New Mobs

Here is some information about the deadly mobs:

Hell Spider: Acts like a regular Spider and does medium damage. It has a melee attack and will light you on fire when it hits you. It drops Molten Shards.

Scorcher: Upgraded version of a Blaze. Has a large amount of health and shoots 2-3 easily dodged fireballs per second. Deals low damage but can be annoying when in groups. Drops Purple Blaze.

Wildfire: One of the deadliest mobs ever. Looks human-like and shoots many arrows quickly. Arrows kill you quickly with no armor. When hit by an arrow and you survive, you will be set on fire. Drops Molten Shards.

What to do

Once in The Nether, the first thing you need to do is to mine Bloodgem Ore and Netherite Ore. They both look like recolored Emerald Blocks. Bloodgem Ore is pink-purple and Netherite Ore is red. These ores are not rare at all and they can spawn anywhere. Watch out for Wildfires and Hell Spiders as they are your only main threat in this world. Another thing you should do in is kill a few Scorchers. Why? Because they drop Purple Blazes, which will can be used to craft a Scorching Sword. After killing some mobs, it is time to find a Nether Fortress.

Nether Fortress

Once in the Nether Fortress, you will need to kill a few regular Blazes and obtain a few Nether Wart. Watch out for DivineRPG mobs as they can spawn anywhere. It is advised to destroy some Blaze Spawners, but not all of them. keep one or two for a Blaze Rod farm. Once satisfied with what you got, it is time to leave the Nether Fortress.

Before Leaving the Nether

Before leaving back to the Overworld, make sure you have the following items (all minimums): 4 Purple Blaze, 15 Netherite Ore, 4 Bloodgems, 27 Molten Shards, 20 Blaze Rods (you can come back later for these) and 1 or more Nether Wart.

Overworld (Part II)

Once back in your home, you will need to up your gear. Start off by making a Bloodgem Sword. After you made that, make two Scorching Swords. The Bloodgem Sword is weaker than the Slime Sword, but it never breaks. The Scorching Sword is amazingly strong, it does 26 hearts of damage, but has a durablility of 500. So the Scorching Sword is a backup to the Bloodgem Sword. Now for some armor upgrades. Make three Netherite Chunks. Then make three Shadow Bars. Now make Netherite Boots, which is a part of Netherite Armor. After all this is made, now you are ready to make a Boss Spawner; Call Of The Watcher which will spawn The Watcher. If you think it is too early to fight him, don't worry, this guide will show you a way on how to destroy him without getting hit, trust me. But before you go taking on The Watcher, make sure you get this done. Note: Kill all non-hostile mobs with unbreakable swords.


Before fighting The Watcher, you will need a ranged weapon that uses no ammunition. And the best weapon is: the Bowhead Anchor. If you read the page and think that the Bowhead Anchor is useless, you are wrong. It might do a small amount of damage, and also is expensive, but it is worth it. Why? Because it uses no ammunition/durability, and has an amazing rate of fire. Note: Only fight The Watcher with the Bowhead Anchor using my (Lulyhead) tricks.

Crafting the Bowhead Anchor

To craft the Bowhead Anchor, you will need two Aquatic Ingots and five Whale Fins. The easy part of this is getting the Whale Fins. But the hard part, is getting the Aquatic Ingots. To obtain the Whale Fins, you will need to find an ocean biome, as Whales only spawn there. Whales have an enormous amount of health but they aren't the threat here. The big threat, are the King Crabs. They do a lot of damage, and they have a large health. But there is a trick to kill them. As King Crabs only spawn in beach biomes, it will not be a problem if you already found an ocean biome. Once you find some, (don't mess up Crabs with King Crabs, King Crabs are bigger than Crabs) dig a 3x3 hole in the ground. Make it 2 blocks deep. Once made, push (King Crabs are neutral) a King Crab in the hole and hit him with your Bloodgem Sword. Once killed, it will drop 3 or 6 Aquatic Pellets and a few Crab Claws. Before you leave back to your home, make sure you have 18 Aquatic Pellets and five Whale Fins.

How to craft the Bowhead Anchor Once back home, place 9 Aquatic Pellets in a crafting table and it will give you a Pure Aquatic Pellet. Repeat with the other nine Aquatic Pellets. Once you have 2 Pure Aquatic Pellets, smelt them in a furnace. After they are smelted, you will have two Aquatic Ingots. Now you can make a Bowhead Anchor.

Crafting the Call Of The Watcher

If you want to fight The Watcher, you will need to make the Call Of The Watcher. To craft it, you will need a Shadow Bar, three Molten Stones and a Watching Eye. Well you don't have a Watching Eye, so why don't you go get it?

Obtaining a Watching Eye

This part is be extremely long and painful. You will need about 32 Eye of Enders, which are not deadly to obtain, but will still take a long time. Use the blaze rods you obtained to make these. Once you have the of Eye of Enders, use them to find a Stronghold. Once you found the portal to The End and you light it up, then you can get the Watching Eye.

The End (Part I)

Once you enter The End, you will probably be shot by some fireballs that explode. The mobs that shoot them are Ender Triplets. They are really annoying mobs that are almost impossible to kill (I have never killed one myself). But try to avoid them. Also, in The End, the Ender Dragon is there. So you will need to take him out first.

Killing The Ender Dragon

This boss may be a threat, but as long as you hit him with your Scorching Sword, you will kill him in a matter of minutes. But also you need to be careful not to look at any Endermen or Ender Spiders, as they will attack you. Also Ender Triplets can do great damage to the Ender Dragon so that might help you. Anyway, once the Ender Dragon is defeated, do not go through the portal yet. You didn't get your Watching Eye. CAUTION: Pick up the XP the Ender Dragon dropped fast, if you don't the Ender Triplets will destroy the orbs.

Getting a Watching Eye

This part is extremely easy and not painful to do. All you need to do, is to find an Ender Watcher (those are the small mobs with one eye), and kill it. It might drop a Watching Eye. Keep killing them until you obtain one.

Now that you can craft the Call Of The Watcher, you can go through the portal. If you want to skip the credits, press Esc.

Overworld (Part II)

Once home, you can do quite a few things. Since you will have around 60-70 levels of XP, it is recommended to enchant right away. Don't know what to enchant? It would be smart to make two books and enchant them. Once done, you can finally craft the Call Of The Watcher. To craft it, look at the photo to the right. To fight the boss, you are going to need to go in The Nether, as it can only be spawned there. Also bring a pickaxe and 2-3 stacks of cobblestone, as you will need it. Oh, and make sure you have your Bowhead Anchor. Once you have all of this, you can head right on to The Nether.

The Nether (Part II)

Once in The Nether with your Call Of The Watcher, dig a hole in some Netherrack and when you have dug for about 10 blocks, block the entrance. Once that is done, make a huge chamber. About 10 blocks wide and 10 blocks long. Also Make the ceiling 6 blocks high. Once that is done, make a wall in front of the place you are going to spawn The Watcher. After that, make a hole in the wall so you can hit him with your Bowhead Anchor, and so you can spawn him. Once spawned, you are ready to kill him.

Killing The Watcher

He is huge. Literally. But he is easy to kill. Now the only bad thing about The Watcher is the time it takes to kill him. It took me (Lulyhead) about 5–10 minutes of holding the right click button on my mouse. So that is what you are going to do with your Bowhead Anchor. After you killed The Watcher, it will drop 100 Netherite Ingots, 3-6 Divine Shards and 1 or 2 Bluefire Stone(s). And it will also give you a lot of XP orbs. Once you have all of this, you can go back to the Overworld.

Overworld (Part IV)

Once you are home, you will be able to enchant stuff. I recommend that you enchant books but it is your choice. Also, you can make stuff out of the loot The Watcher dropped. But only with the Netherite Ingots. Craft 19 Netherite Chunks. They are made by placing 5 Netherite Ingots in a plus sign. Out of the Netherite Chunks, I highly recommend to make a Serenade Of Health. If you want to know what it does, it heals your entire health, but only has 20 uses, so use them wisely. If you don't want to use five Netherite Chunks for a healing tool, then you can use 4 Netherite Ingots and 2 Bloodgems to make a Massivence. It is like the Palavence except a lot better. It has 540 uses and heals an entire heart when right clicked. It is much less expensive than the Serenade Of Health and has many more uses. Once you have one of these crafted, then you can go mining.


This will probably be your second time mining in you world, unless you already mined a few times before this. While in the bottom parts of your world, it is recommended to find some Enthralled Dramcryx and kill them as their loot is very valuable; Corrupted Shards. Those are used to make Corrupted Stones. Also make sure that you find a lot of Rupee and Arlemite while mining. There is a small chance for the Enthralled Dramcryx to drop 5 Arlemite, which you will need. If you find any of The Eye, which are red 4-legged mobs with eyes all over them, you should kill them because they drop 1 Rupee every time. They only have 40 health, so they are relatively easy to kill. Also, mine Redstone (for the XP), Diamonds, and Gold (for Golden Apples). You should also try to find Extreme Hills (Mountain) Biome, as they are the only biome that has Emeralds beneath them, and Emeralds give a lot of XP. Before you come back home, collect at least 5 Arlemite and 5 Rupee, to make 5 Shadow Bars.

Upgrading your Gear

Once back home, make 5 Shadow Bars so you can make a Netherite Helmet and a Netherite Chestplate which are parts of Netherite Armor. You will also have an extra Shadow Bar left but don't use it. So now you should have full Netherite Armor except for the your Leggings. So why don't you get a better pair of leggings, like the leggings from the Ender Armor, but of course it will take a while to obtain but it is definitely worth it. So, now you need to go to The End.

The End (Part II)

This part is optional.

Getting Ender Armor

In The End, obtain 63 Ender Shards. Ender Shards are dropped by Ender Spiders, Ender Watchers and Ender Triplets. It is only recommended to kill the Ender Watchers because they are the easiest to kill. It is your choice if you want to try to kill some Ender Triplets but I highly recommend that you don't, as they are hard to kill and they will piss you off for sure. Once you obtain the 63 Ender Shards, you can go make it to the Overworld using the portal that the Ender Dragon made when killed (or if you use the command: /gamerule keepInventory true, then you can jump off the edge).

Overworld (Part V)

Once in you home, you can make an Ender Leggings. Ender Armor has an incredibly high protection and is highly recommended to get.

Making a portal for Eden

You are now ready to build a portal to the Eden, the first Twilight Dimension. To get there, you will need 10 Divine Shards that will be used to make Divine Rock.

The only way to obtain Divine Shards is by killing the Ancient Entity or The Watcher. I recommend that you kill The Watcher as it is easier to craft the spawner. To get to the Eden you will need 10 Stone and 10 Divine Shards. Every time you kill The Watcher, you get 3-6 Divine Shards. Since you already killed him once, you will need to kill him 1-3 more times. So after you kill him, you can make the portal.

If you would like to fight the Ancient Entity, who is not as powerful, you will need to get 27 Corrupted Shards. They are dropped from the Enthralled Dramcryx. They are mobs that spawn in caves close to bedrock level. Put the Corrupted Shards in the crafting table in a 3x3 square, which fills the crafting table slots. If you use all of the shards, you will get 3 Corrupted Stone. Once you do that, craft a Shadow Bar out of a Rupee and a Arlemite. Turn that into a Hellstone Ingot by putting it in the crafting table with a Netherite Chunk. You will also need 1 clock. New craft the Mysterious Clock]]. Once you summon the Ancient Entity, it will attack you and throw you up in the air if you aren't careful. Once you kill it, it will drop 4-6 Divine Shards and a Sandslash.

To make the portal, place the 10 Divine Rocks in the same way as the portal to The Nether. To light it up, you will need a Twilight Clock. Once the Twilight Clock is made, you right click on the portal. If you are prepared, enter your first DivineRPG dimension.


Eden has no night and day and it can rain. Make sure to have an almost empty inventory because you will need to mine a lot of Dravite Ores. They are rainbow colored, and the only ore in Eden. The only menacing mob in this dimension is the Weak Cori. It is the flying small dude. He also stays below trees if he cannot fly. He does an incredible amount of damage, but one hit with a sword kills him. You will need to have a Rupee Pickaxe to mine the Dravite Ores. The first item to craft is the Dravite Blade, which requires 42 Dravite Fragments. It is a sword that deals loads of damage but has a low durability.

After you have it, you can craft a Dravite Pickaxe, which requires 63 Dravite Fragments. To craft the Dravite Pickaxe, it is crafted like a regular pickaxe with three Dravite Chunks.

How to get Dravite Fragments

Since the newest version of DivineRPG, it has come a bit easier to obtain Dravite Fragments. You should be able to mine about 10-20 Dravite Fragments without a problem but then you might start getting bored. So now you can kill mobs. Why? Because mobs drop Dravite Souls, which are used to craft Dravite Fragments. Keep in mind to watch out for the Weak Cori. After you made the Dravite Pickaxe, you can then upgrade your armor.

Upgrading your armor

Making a piece of Dravite Armor will be useful as you probably still have some Netherite Armor. So now get ready for some boring stuff, as getting a Dravite Chestplate takes a long time. You will need 147 Dravite Fragments (two stacks and 19 Dravite Fragments in other words: 7 Dravite Chunks). To get all of the fragments, use my trick or any way to obtain them.

Getting Dravite Blocks to get to The Wildwood

If you used this guide, then you should be geared up to get to the second twilight dimension: The Wildwood. To get there, you will need a minimum of 90 Dravite Fragments, which is a lot. Once you have all the Dravite Fragments needed, you can make the Dravite Blocks. To do so, place 9 Dravite Fragments in the crafting table.

Once made, you can go back to the Overworld.

Overworld (Part VI)

To make the portal to The Wildwood, you will need to place 10 Dravite Blocks just like The Nether portal. Once you did that, get your Twilight Clock (if you lost your older one, make a new one) and right click on the non-lit portal to light it up. Make sure you have your best gear and enough food to survive your dreadful but awesome journey to the The Wildwood.

The Wildwoods

The Wildwood is like Eden, no night or day, but this dimension is blue. It has Azurite Ores instead of Dravite Ores, and in general has different and stronger mobs. Right off the bat I recommend that you get an Azurite Blade, in which I (Lulyhead) will tell you how to get, down below!

Acquiring an Azurite Blade

To make an Azurite Blade, you will need a total of 42 Azurite Fragments (which will be used to make 2 Azurite Chunks), and there are two ways to get them.

How to Obtain Azurite Fragments

Here are the two ways on how to get Azurite Fragments: •When mining an Azurite Ore, it gives you one Azurite Fragment •When placing an Azurite Soul in a crafting table (or grid), it gives you one Azurite Fragment

How to Obtain the Sword

So if you want this blade, you will need to be patient. I (Lulyhead) recommend that you mine ores instead of killing mobs for Azurite Fragments, as you have high chances of getting killed. If a hostile mob comes and attacks you, try to get it to fall out of the world. The only mob that you can kill with no problem is the Dravite Cadillion, which you should remember from Dravite. They will drop Dravite Souls since they were originally from Dravite. Anyways, once you are done getting all your Azurite Fragments, you can make them into Azurite Gems, and then into Azurite Chunks. After it is all made, place two Azurite Chunks in a crafting table with a stick (it is made like every sword in vanilla Minecraft). I recommend that you get this sword enchanted with Unbreaking 3, as it only has 2000 uses. Also, try to get Sharpness 3 or 4. Now this sword is only a tad bit stronger than the Dravite Blade, but the extra damage is always useful.

Getting other weapons, tools or armor

Now, you have a huge amount of different stuff to choose from. Some of them are good, while others are not worth it. I (Lulyhead) chose to craft the Azurite Phaser. It takes four Azurite Chunks, and deals a moderate amount of damage. Oh, and it doesn't use ammunition. Now, I will tell you guys about the three groups, and tell you all the pros and cons.


Probably the best choice you can go with. There are two weapons waiting to be crafted just for you. They are all tempting to make but one is better than the other. The Azurite Phaser is the best, being the least expensive, most damage dealing and it uses no ammunition. It is made with a Stick and four Azurite Chunks. It also has a durability of 3000. The final one is the Azurite Blitz (I thought it was good when I was planning to make it, but thoughts change), and it is bad! Seven Azurite Chunks is what it needs to be made. It does 38 (Heart.png × 19) damage. Luckily, it never breaks. But the real problem here, is the ammo. It uses Azurite Dust (you get nine if you place a single Azurite Fragment in a crafting table), and it shoots really fast. But because of how Minecraft works, mobs will not take damage more than once a second. If you hold the right-click, it will shoot fast, but even if you are hitting the target, not all the shots will hit. Plus the bullets are affected by gravity, badly.


Rubbish. That is all that I (Lulyhead) need to say. If you already have the Dravite Pickaxe, then you are fine. You do not need a tool, so don't get one, save the Azurite Chunks for better stuff. If you really want to, all tools are crafted like vanilla tools, the stick as the handle and the Azurite Chunks as the resource.


Armor is pretty good but also pretty expensive. It is your choice if you want it or not. I recommend getting boots or even a head piece. It is the cheapest piece of armor. But of course, it is you choice (as I said before), so use your time wisely.

Beyond this point, a guide has not been written. It may be in the future, but your contribution would be appreciated.

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