Spawns in

Ocean Biome



Sharks are mobs that spawn in the Overworld. It is found in ocean biomes and spawns in daytime. They are light bluish grey, making them blend in with the ocean.

They are half a block tall and approximately 1.5 blocks long. They are hostile mobs, which means that they will attack the player on sight. They can follow the player onto dry land and will chase them, and they travel faster on land than in the water. They do 25 HP (Heartx12.5) of damage and take a lot of hits to kill (it is recommended to have some form of armor above realmite if killing with melee). Sharks have a large melee range and as such a ranged Weapon is recommended for a fight with them. Sharks will alert nearby Sharks when they see a player.

The Shark drops Shark Fins, which are required to make the Shark Sword and the Shark Anchor.

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